Sarah Healy Design is an art based jewelry brand that is heavily influenced by it’s surroundings...New York City. Especially the earlier eras that lead to the movements in the arts and music, that made New York City a pivotal place for creative people. This atmosphere provided the backdrop and inspiration for the artists, musicians and designers that created the ideas and works, which drew Sarah to New York City. Sarah Healy seeks to channel this spirit and energy in the jewelry she creates. In celebration of the individual and cultural diversity, Sarah seeks to create pieces that delight and inspire the future generations, regardless of where they live.

Sarah graduated from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY in 2002 with a B.F.A. in Fashion Design. While at Pratt, Sarah learned the art of metal-smithing by a very inspiring teacher and found that it fulfilled her love of making art and sculpture by hand. After college, Sarah lived in Philadelphia for a year and worked at a fashion boutique, where she helped with vintage shopping and buying and got her first chance to sell her jewelry at the store. A few other local stores started to carry her jewelry. Sarah moved back to Brooklyn, NY where she worked in the fashion industry for several years in design but found that the corporate fashion world was not really for her and envisioned a different way to exist in the fashion world. Sarah had been making jewelry on the side and as orders began to get larger and more frequent, Sarah decided to turn this into a full time career and Sarah Healy Design was founded in 2007. Foley and Corinna on the Lower East Side, was one of the first stores to carry Sarah Healy Design jewelry. Sarah was then picked up by Henri Bendel to participate in regular trunks shows for five years and then Bloomingdale's invited Sarah to participate in the trunk shows, for several years.  Today, Sarah's designs can be found in a variety of boutiques and online retailers throughout the U.S. and is sold internationally. Sarah Healy wants to inspire and excite the individual in everyone, and to ethically produce well designed pieces of jewelry here in the United States.